Mental fitness skills to thrive through life's challenges

Corestar specialises in coaching people and teams to thrive, even when setbacks happen. We offer a unique approach to promote mental fitness through practical skills and strategies that foster inner balance, resilience, and personal agency.

Empowering strategies for sustainable wellbeing

How much does mental unwell-being
cost you and your business?
Don’t get caught on the back foot

Invest in mental fitness coaching for sustainable wellbeing

Acquire effective, hands-on skills and insights  to
understand and manage stress effectively
enhance ‘pre-silience’ (preventative resilience) and flexibility
optimise focus and (re)gain control of  life
master emotional self-regulation
Tailored programmes to help you and your team thrive, even when challenges interfere.
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Unique approach
Our unique approach combines evidence-based therapy tools and science-backed knowledge.
The growth coaching programmes, workshops and courses, are designed to equip individuals with practical, hands-on tools that enable them to thrive, even in adverse circumstances.
Key aspects of our approach include
Psychological flexibility
Practical tools and strategies
Science-backed knowledge
Tailored programmes to help you and your team thrive, even when challenges interfere.
Powerful perspectives

Redefine your approach to personal and professional growth

Enhance awareness of self, others and all

Awareness is the key to change, allowing you to become response-able rather than reactive.

Master emotional

Learn simple, highly effective methods to regulate emotions, promoting overall wellbeing and reducing stress levels.

Foster psychological flexibility

Stay present, embrace change, and know what truly matters to live fully.

Focus on what you can control

Learn to direct your energy to what’s within your control while  accepting what's beyond.
“Change the way you look at things,
and the things you look at change”
- Wayne Dyer
Team coaching with lasting impact

Learn, discover and grow together

Invest in (your) people...
Introduce skills and strategies to become flexible and response-able to changing circumstances
Develop a common language, grow cohesion and enrich company culture
Foster open communication around mental health and well-being
Enhance personal growth and self-development
...witness the company thrive
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Transformative solutions

Mental Fitness Skills for Life

Team Coaching

Dive into transformative sessions  designed to hone your mental fitness and foster deep self understanding

1:1 Coaching

Learn techniques for managing emotions and stress, empowering you to lead a balanced and fulfilling life.

Empower Hours

Learn to direct your energy to what’s within your control while  accepting what's beyond

Self-paced learning

Access tools and lessons that promote mindfulness, helping you adapt to life's challenges with ease and confidence.

Step into the gateway for growth.
Nothing but benefits.

Your journey begins here
Corestar Classics

Key topics for transformation

Address stress
Understand stress and its impact on body and mind. Become aware of the many levers of personal agency to address stress and transform it from a debilitating factor to a powerful ally.
Effortless relaxation
Physical and psychological tensions feed off each other, and so does relaxation. Use the body to relax the mind, and vice versa.
Mind your mind
What is the role of mental chatter, where's the off-switch? Learn to manage the constant string of uncontrollable thoughts so they serve you.
Mindset matters
Our mindset acts like a filter through which we see the world and greatly influences how we experience life. Learn to transform your reality by reframing how you perceive things.
Body-budget balance
Manage your energy expenditure, both mentally and physically, to prevent exhaustion, reduce stress, and improve your ability to cope with challenges.
Values, goals, and the journey
Figure out what matters most and what you want to achieve to navigate life with clarity and purpose.
Focus on focus
Unpack the sources and challenges of modern distractions, their biological and psychological impacts, and the levers for personal agency.
Enhance productivity
Understand the elements that impact productivity, learn techniques to boost efficiency and achieve your goals.
Conquer anxiety
Understand the anatomy of anxiety, employ strategies to overcome fear by using the body to control the mind, and reclaim your life.
Restore inner balance
Navigate life's ups and downs more effectively from a place of inner peace and equilibrium.
Optimise sleep
Maximise the body and brain’s ability to rest, repair, recharge, and reboot for optimal cognition, emotional wellbeing, and physical health.
Breathwork basics
Breath is the prime tool to enhance quality of life. Gain insights into the main attributes and mechanics of your breath, and how to utilise it.

Boosting inner balance, resilience
and personal agency

How much does mental unwell-being
cost you and your business?

Corestar's Commitment to You

At Corestar, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure, and that knowledge is power. We are dedicated to help your company - and your people - thrive, empowering each and every individual with hands-on tools and strategies to achieve inner balance, resilience and personal agency. Setbacks will always happen, that’s called ‘life’.  While setbacks are inevitable, they shouldn't dictate our lives. We assist in identifying where and how to regain control.
Personal, tailored and regular team coaching with continuity of support
Flexible content depending on circumstances
Embedding of practices between sessions
Questions around mental health addressed, strategies suggested
Database of tools, insights and answers for future reference
What clients valued

Unlock your potential

"I particularly appreciated the value based approach. When you feel off in life, you can solve a lot by searching for and defining your values and realising something is not in line with those. Next to that, Anneleen helps to put a mirror in front of you or a window, where there used to be a (blocking) wall... "
- VM, coaching client, Antwerp Belgium
"It was a really informative, helpful and feel good kind of session. The presenter conveyed it in very calming way and it felt that she has full command over her subject. It was much needed session to make us realise the humane, emotional and soft touch of our body and brain. It made us think differently about real life challenges we face on daily basis"
- MH, King's College University, London
"Anneleen makes you feel at ease: no boundaries, everything can be discussed, no judgements. I valued the combination of mind vs. feelings vs. science, the session around problem-solving, gentle repetition of the different tools and techniques in different scenarios and how powerful it is to change perspectives."
- LVM, coaching client, Antwerp Belgium
“ We are stars wrapped in skin.
The light you are seeking has always
been within. ”
- Rumi
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Weekly Q&A Sessions
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Mental Fitness Skills for Life.
For Life.

Equip your team with not just the skills to succeed in the workplace, but also the tools to thrive in life. At Corestar, we believe in building resilience, fostering personal growth, and creating an environment where everyone can excel.
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